Entitled the first dress as this is the first official dress I have ever made. Unfortunately I don't have an inspirational story that lets you know that I made this as soon as I could use a sewing machine...but after realising the ambition in my mind and the drive in my heart (and the butterflies from looking at Roberto Cavalli's endless collections of floor-length gowns) I knew I wanted to create something similar. As much as I'd like to call this dress 'Cavalli-inspired', I feel it would just be a huge insult to one of the greatest designers - in my opinion.
The theme of the project (as much as I can remember) was something along the lines of 'East meets West' and having taken the embroidery design from henna patterns, I wanted the dress to have a simple pattern that was able to just show the model off as elegantly as possible.
However, although the intention of this blog was for me to be able to showcase my work, I feel like this is the opposite. So instead of telling you what I love about this garment, I'm going to tell you what I'd improve if I were to do it again...
1) The pattern - I'd make sure to perfect it so it'd fit the body more elegantly and hug the curves rather than just sit on them...
2) The fabric used - Although I was adament on not wanting to have a seam along the waist, I can now see why that would have been a better idea. Perhaps using a stronger fabruic for the top half would have eliminated - or at least decreased - the amount of wrinkling caused by the repetitive movement of the embroidery needle. Using a lighter fabric for the bottom half would have created more flow and movement and not been as heavy to handle around the machine. Also, lining the dress would have been much, MUCH, MUCCHHHH easier! And the very last - does the satin remind anyone of a sexy nightie...?
3) The placement of the embroidery...
4) The sewing ability...Enough said.

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