FASHION IN FOCUS: Sex and the City 20 Year Anniversary

So the week just gone by marks the 20th year anniversary for SATC, can you believe it? Everyone has those shows/movies/songs that they need to indulge in every so often so that they can feel more like themselves again, surely? For me, this show is exactly that. Every couple of months, maybe a year, and I guarantee you that this is what I'll be watching -  I call it my personal reboot. 

So to celebrate, I'm looking at some of my favourite outfits throughout the show. Yes, there are a million versions of these from different bloggers and magazines, and can you blame them? Carrie Bradshaw was one of the best dressed characters ever created; a sex journalist whose shoe budget exceeded that of any human. And I mean, she did earn $4 for every word at Vogue, so can you blame us? Regardless, these are my favourites!

1. The infamous tutu in the opening sequence.

2. The Paris finale  3. Hubble  4. Silk, cotton and a fluffy tail?

5. The watermelon dress

6. Fashion roadkill

7. Floral  8. The Candy Striper

9. Sequin and lace  10. The LBD

DISCLAIMER: Pictures are not mine, found from the dark corners of the world wide web and cannot be located. Apologies. Also, excuse the quality of these images, I mean these are from approximately 20 years ago...

So, do you guys have a favourite?


ILLUSTRATION: Valentino Spring/Summer 2018

Just wanted to share my new illustration with you guys, hope you like it! 


ILLUSTRATION: The Dutchess of Sussex

Watched the most awaited event of 2018 and I was in awe! 

This was actually my first time watching a royal wedding and I was not disappointed; it was grand, elegant, luxurious and so much more! The most anticipated aspect of the wedding was obviously the dress and upon revelation, I really liked it. The dress itself was a creation of Clare Waight Keller (a brit herself), who's currently the fashion director of Givenchy. The gown, although simple, suited the now Dutchess to a tee. It was a plain off-the shoulder floor-length gown, minimal, elegant and very modest.

Then came the second dress that stunned, and there was no two ways about it. This gown came from wedding guest and British designer Stella McCartney and was a sleeveless halterneck that flared from the knee downwards. Do you guys have a preference between the two? What did you guys think of the dresses?
Above is my illustration of the Dutchess, I just could not help but. I adored the makeup, veil, jewellery and dresses so I had to do my version. As all of my recent illustrations, this one was a mixture of pencil and digital. It was one of the most challenging so far as it was one of the cleanest, most simplistic look I have ever tried to replicate.

I found a fantastic article on GoodHousekeeping on 10 facts about the wedding outfit. I didn't want to pinch them so give it a click and a read, some'll definitely surprise you.