ILLUSTRATION: A closer look...

University can be really full-on, especially if you have a course which requires its marking from 100% coursework rather than exams...for those of you lucky enough not to have experienced this, just imagine having the exam stress throughout the whole year. And now that I do have time to pretty much do whatever I want, I remembered how therapeutic it was to just paint, or draw or even practise hand embroidery - So pretty much what I have been doing for the whole year, minus the time limit, the guidelines and the dos and don'ts, and turns out it's surprisingly different!

If you've been through my blog before, or had a look at my older posts, this might look familiar to you. And it should be because it is an enlarged painting of a series of illustrations I had done earlier this year as part of my coursework... The image can be found here (entitled FAD COMPETITION). 

The image below (top left - green background) is the original painting and has been done on a canvas.
Size: A2 approx
Media: pen, pencil, fineliner, marker, acrylic paint, spray paint, nail varnish, watercolour
Time taken: 6 hours approx

Although I actually really like the painting I produced, after the last post (ILLUSTRATION: Changing it up) I couldn't help but render these...I have to say the filters on Microsoft Powerpoint is just growing on me! It amazes me how much the effects manage to change the image, and using only the click of a button!

1) (Top left image) I love the painting; I think it's glamorous and vibrant and young. In hindsight, I would've probably chosen a different, darker, richer colour for the background rather than the pastel green. I had a feeling, at the time that it wouldn't be the best colour to have settled for...and I have to emphasise that I did settle for the green as my colours of spray paints are very limited... If I could I would change the soft, matte green for a glossy finish of a rich ruby or deep emerald or a luxuriously warm saffron colour - anything jewel-toned really.

2) (Top right image) It surprises me how much the feel of the painting changes. Perhaps it's the lack of lack of colours and tones, but to me, it feels quite strange. I can't decide whether it has an ancient, faded look of washed out pen lines or whether the colours - particularly the blurred blueish-grey give it a futuristic feel...

3) (Top left image) I absolutely adore this rendered image. Unlike the previous image (2) this one can be described as a futuristically ancient feel. As though centuries from now, art lovers and illustrators will look at this as old  - It will be the new old, and yet it can be a classic. For those of you whom I may have lost due to the sheer stupidity of my words - I apologise. Also note, I am aware that I am being slightly overconfident. Anyway, I just feel as though, similar to the lace on her face, the painting looks almost timeless.

4) (Top right image) I can't fully remember but I have a feeling that I may have used more than one effect on this image - and I'm not entirely sure which. However, I quite like the effect of the blurry/smudged lines - to me, it resembles the strokes that can be created using a thin paintbrush. I like this because it looks slightly messier and slightly de-constructed which I usually prefer in art as well as illustrations. Although I'm not too sure whether I prefer the look of the finer details in this painting or the messy look - usually this is a no-brainer, but as this is my painting and I'm subjective, I think the image looses too much detail, especially in the lace.

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