4th October 2015
  • "If all art was once contemporary, were all clothes once fashionable?"
  • "If fashion is ephemeral and superficial, what does that say about us? Like clothes, we fade and decay. Are we too just another type of ephemera or are we more than that?
  • "To those who deride the importance of fashion, I always ask, if clothing is so unimportant and transient, why is it so much easier to identify a nation by its national dress than by its national flag?"
A brilliant read filled with little snippets, ideologies and anecdotes surrounding the fashion industry. Explores social, political and economical issues that have been created. A huge emphasis on identity and individuality; 'fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression'  thus, ultimately proving that fashion really does matter.

Book: Why Fashion Matters
Author: Frances Corner
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Published: 2014

Recommended for: Fashion enthusiasts, Theorists, Fashion students

14th September 2014

Any of you fashion fanatics looking for an inspiration for your illustrations? There's something incredibly personal about looking through designer's sketches; almost like a diary of some sort. Every curve, every line, every single detail is a representation of the designer's signature style and just flicking through this book made me feel like I was holding onto a little piece of their exclusive collection. Perhaps it was just the sense of tangibility, but I really enjoyed looking through this book! If you have some spare time and perhaps a library or bookstore (or even an Ebay account) handy, definitely check out Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks!

Book: Fashion Designers' Sketchbooks
Author: Hywel Davies
Publisher: Lawrence King
Published: 4th October 2010

Showcases the work of designers such as; John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Margaret Howell, Matthew Williamson and Vivienne Westwood.

Recommended for: Fashion illustration, Designers' styles of illustration

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