WISHLIST: Pantone Universe

This is a brand I've always considered quite iconic; not for anything in particular other than its classic paint sample strips. Personally, I have made use of this brand multiple times before, often having to collect the paint chips as a visual-aid in various creative projects. That experience has evolved recently, cropping up every so often during home ware/DIY shopping trips. This time however, it's a little more than just colour samples.

Images courtesy of Pantone
Left to right: Mug with gift box, Pantone, Stack of mixed blues Pantone (discontinued), available
  here at One Stop Colour Shop
The stack of mugs was the first inkling I ever had of the brand creating any other products other than paint. My first ever thought being, 'I need this'. There was something so retro, yet modern about these mugs; the novelty of it and yet the simplicity of the white space. I had to have it. Unfortunately, after having had a little gander online, I decided that the cost was more than I ever intended to pay for a mug.

This decision still hurts today.

Left to right: Lipstick set, Boots (no longer available), 'Tangerine Tango' journal, TK Maxx (available here),
Nail varnish set, Boots (no longer available)
Image copyright @ Sheena Sreekeessoon
After having made what I thought to be a pretty taxing compromise, I 'settled' for these items; a couple of cosmetic sets that had been brought out as part of a Christmas collection and a journal. Initially, the cosmetic sets had been more appealing to me; opting to judge them based on packaging. Admittedly, the journal had been an impulse buy - something I knew, even at the time, that I simple wanted, not needed,

Having tried all three of the products, I am slightly surprised to have found that the item being put to a more regular use is the journal - the only down side being the lack of a hardback. In all fairness, what contributed to the down-scoring of the cosmetic products were simply the fact that the colours themselves weren't to my taste...irony?

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