ILLUSTRATION: Sam Chapman. Revised.

Post uni, I finally had some long overdue time to myself...which is a strange concept now thinking about it. Whilst I still had time to draw during my final year (-and created some fashion illustrations I still consider my best work), it's, for me, being able to differentiate between drawing for yourself as a hobby and a drawing that's considered work. The difference, being the pressure of producing something worthwhile, representative of a theme/season/idea, and time constraints, which is never the case when it's a hobby.

So my muse: Samantha Chapman. No there's not really some deep, meaningful intent behind this artwork. I just enjoy her Youtube videos, her carefree, artistic style and frankly, her devil-may-care attitude when it comes to - I quote- 'slagging off' things she simply doesn't agree with.
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For an unedited version check out the link below!

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