Spring/Summer 2016

"Metallic jacquards in acidic hues, glossy patent leather..." says Scarlett Conlon, and to be frank, there's no better way to describe it!

Feels like it's been so long since I've actually talked about Fashion on this blog but I thought this followed nicely after my 'Tropical leaves' phase. Unfortunately for me, the trend doesn't seem one that'll stick, but it seems it is emigrating into other trends whilst maintaining the 'leaves' imagery.

Oil-slicked, shimmery, wild streaks of metallic colour have given new life to the once-loved trend. Personally, I feel like it's a look that might be more suited for the cooler months - and perhaps we might see more of a similar look then - but I adore Rochas' approach to the trend! This revamped look gives it a modern eccentricity, and frankly, a more expensive feel that sets the look apart from High Street. That distinction within this collection is made by everything from the shine of the fabric, the colours and the silhouettes,

Images courtesy of VOGUE
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