FASHION IN FOCUS - PLT X Kourtney Kardashian

Fast fashion is something I rarely touch upon on this blog. Part of me thinks that it's due to the fact that it is what it is - fast fashion. It'll matter for now, it'll matter for a month - maybe two, but then you outgrow the trend and you never see the collection again. That being said, I still think Fast fashion needs to be celebrated for what is it.

Perhaps because of the looming Christmas party season, but I am loving this collaboration by Pretty Little Things! For me, I've always been a massive fan of rich, jewel-toned colours. I love the creative of these pictures - for some reason (that I just cannot pinpoint), I cannot help but be reminded of a certain photoshoot from past seasons of America's next top model... (anyone else?)

It is absolutely an over-the-top, excessive collection, if you ask me. The layering of the lace, faux fur, pleather, wild prints and not forgetting, the sequins is all a bit much. I imagine this must be every little girls's dream where everything is sort of mismatched and it looks as though the child couldn't pick which she wanted... so she picked everything.

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  1. I have seen Kourtney's collection online already. I am a huge fan. These are gorgeous <3

    xx Tamara ChloƩ