Following on from my previous post, can you tell I'm on a bit of a homeware buzz at the moment? This website I discovered on Instagram, if you fancy looking at some homeware porn and love a good gallery wall, @desenio is for you. Don't believe me? Well check out these I nicked from their Instagram...

There is a theme running through these which I respond really well to; dark, luxurious emerald greens and blues with pops of metallic gold. The pairing of velvety fabrics, block colours, and addition of plants just really bring the pictures to life. If these don't tickle your fancy however, I've popped in a few of my favourite prints - with no rhyme or reason, I just hope these are more to your liking.

Sweet Vibes Poster
Cotton Candy Poster
Black Pear Poster

Kate Moss, Life is a Joke Poster
Future is Female Poster
Issues Poster

Spring Flower Poster
Grey Bunny Poster
Pink Sky Poster

The reason I am completely awed by Desenio is because of the wide range and variety of posters and print they feature; everything from fashion to maps - and everything in between! I love the fact that I've discovered multiple designers and creators through this website and I can say that I genuinely just adore pretty much every single poster from this site.

*No, this post is not sponsored. But Desenio, if you're reading...Please do me a solid and sponsor me. 


  1. I absloutely love 'desenio'. I bought some pieces from there two years ago for my bedroom! Which ones are you getting?


    1. Aww I'm glad, I'm not fully decided yet. I've got about 8 in mind that need narrowing down x

  2. Great post dear!


  3. I can't stop staring. These are beautiful works of art. The way the colors and textures come together so perfectly is amazing. Thank you for sharing, Sheena!


    1. Aww thank you, I'm glad you think so. I obviously agree! x