REVIEW: Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight

So, with the spirit of the new year in mind, I wanted to talk about this book by Sarah Knight. For all of you who have vowed for more organisation within your work/personal lives/monetary earnings in your resolutions, this is the book for you. Sarah Knight explores the importance of organisation through tickboxes, calendars and analogies such as Kevin and the Chipmunks (-adorable, I know). Informally written, her writing style is full of profanity, humor and sarcasm - with a refreshingly modern approach.

Below is a picture of my battered, coffee-covered copy of the book. This is visual proof of I have read this from stained front cover to stained back cover. Highly recommended.


  1. I enjoy reading these kind of books! I would love to read this one.


    1. Definitely would recommend. It's such an easy and fun read x

  2. Good review. Thank you.

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