For those of you who have stumbled upon this blog and curiosity got the better of you...Welcome to my blog! This is what I'd like to consider my own little creative space, consisting of all things fashion. 

I'm Sheena Sreekeessoon, a Manchester based blogger. Yes, that is my name. Yes it is unusual. Yes, it does contain twelve letters and no, it is definitely not a misspelling. That aside, I am a recent fashion graduate, I am very opinionated about different aspects of the industry and my heart lies within fashion illustration - something I do consider myself relatively good at.

To give you a general background, this blog was originally posted as an online portfolio to appeal to employers during my second year at uni in hopes of gaining me a placement. Unfortunately, that proved unsuccessful. One advantage I've come to find however, is that this is a brilliant little space for the occasional musing, rant, and all things in-between! 

So whilst you are here, have a little flick through the pages and feel free to browse. Despite the website currently being under construction, here's plenty of fashion topics, musings, recommendations that can be found. 
I hope this inspires you!


  1. Hi Sheena !
    Nice your work! Special and original ! How I can use one of your model for a cover book ? Thanks !

    1. Hi!

      Unfortunately, I am not currently doing commissioned/personalised artwork. Sorry about that! x