ILLUSTRATION: Christina Nadin

So, as you'll know from one of my recent posts, I have just bought an iPad for illustration purposes. My aim with this was to produce illustrations quicker, which in turn would help me become more confident in producing better pieces.

The app that I have been using is Procreate and one of my gripes was that I wasn't able to achieve the look and feel of pencil on paper. At first, this wasn't something I minded - now I've pinned this on the novelty of using a digital software. The more time I am spending with these new digital tools, I am discovering new ways of emulating a 'pencil on paper' look.

Here's my latest illustration - I am definitely a lot happier with this look.



So we've just had the most surprising, sunny couple of days. Completely unexpected and out-of-place, I can safely say that the general mood in the UK has been lifted. To commemorate the emerging spring, I've done a new fragrance illustration. Complete with full blooms and pastel colours, the Dior fragrance is the perfect celebration of the new season. 


FASHION IN FOCUS: Dylan and Barbara for WMag

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen me raving over this feature on Wmag. The new Insta-fave couple who are killing this shoot and giving us major couple-goals vibes are one of our favourite faces and the other: a childhood legend. If you fancy looking beyond the pretty pictures, I have added a link below for the full feature on W. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

The reason for the pretty pictures is because I adore the styling, mood and story-telling elements of them. I'm struggling to pinpoint a specific era/culture as that's far beyond my areas of expertise but I think it's safe to say that looking at the pictures, you can see a story. For me, that seems to be enough.