ILLUSTRATION: My little piece of luxury...

Being an Instagram addict that I am now, I couldn't help but notice that designer items (often with a luxurious look or price tag) have become the subject of many illustrators' artwork. Even though I don't particularly understand the reasoning behind it, I decided I should give it a chance...

The 'item of luxury' I decided to illustrate - disregarding the fact that it may be the ONLY item of this nature in my possession - is the gorgeously glamorous Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick (5 - Fuchsia in Excess). Having made this purchase based simply on impulse right after my first student loan payment of this year, I hadn't even had a second wear of it before I decided that I was going to follow the footsteps of these Instagram illustrators who I admire so much. 

This was actually my third attempt (-the first being with watercolour before I realised that the paintings resembled those of a toddler's) and despite everything and how uninspiring I thought these were, I quite enjoyed this.

Overall I quite pleased with the final product, (looking back I'd change the odd little lines and squiggles here and there), I think I may have overdone it with the use of the high contrast but I never seem to be satisfied until there is a huge gap between black and white. 

Media Used: Promarkers, Watercolour pencils, Copic markers, Chalk, Gel pen
Time taken: 5 hours (approx)
Date: November/December 2013

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