FASHION IN FOCUS: Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid

Who hasn't been on the Gigi train this last 2 years? I feel like at this point, regardless of whether you like her or not, you have to just admit - she is killing it! Everywhere you go; pop in your local drugstore, Gigi...Pick up a magazine? Gigi. Instagram - Gigi. Gigi Hadid is killing it.

Now, as far as Tommy Hilfiger goes...if anyone knows me you'll know that I don't necessarily fit the image of T Hilfiger's demographic. However, that being said, I feel absolutely enamored with this new collaboration and truth be told, I kinda want the clothes too. The first picture I've popped on this post (featuring a close-up of the gorgeous Gigi) consists of one of the key items from the Spring  collection. My favourite thing about the grey sweatshirt is the half zip that features the gold ring pull which is just such a fantastic addition. The metallic gold really gives the piece of athleisure wear a luxury touch. The one thing however, that sells this to me is the combination of navy, white and that signature red stripes. *Sigh* Aah...one day hopefully...



  1. Gigi Hadid really is killing it. Hilfiger was not created with people like me in mind either so I am just going to admire the new collection.



  2. I love Hilfiger and this collection looks stunning! xx