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So as a recent graduate, job-searching has become a daily routine and although the application process itself can be deemed quite tedious, I must admit I enjoy the interview process. Playing dress up, shaking hands, selling yourself can be quite daunting but admittedly it's easily becoming increasingly enjoyable!

This book, I discovered nestled between several business magazines and leaflets prior to an interview. I vaguely recalled a piece of advice I had been given previously; 'The minute you walk into the building, you are being judged.' So, in an attempt to not appear idle, I picked up this book. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to go for this one but there is
something incredibly persuasive about the title.

Recruitment boss James Reed gives a professional guide to an interview with a personable voice. An easy read with some incredibly useful tips and tricks that enables an open-minded approach for those scary interviews.

" One moment 

Can the path of person's entire life come down to what they do in just one or two decisive moments. The guitarist Andy Summers certainly thinks so. 
          You might not recognise Summers' name but you'll know his work. Summers was one-third of The Police, one of the most successful rock bands of all time.
          Maybe you're not a fan, but you would have to agree that Summers, in being a guitarist in a rock band, landed a job that many of us would love to have. His job took him to almost every country in the world. He did creative things all day. He met interesting people and devoted fans. He was paid a ton of money for doing something he loved, something that came naturally to him. Truly, great work if you can get it. So how did he get it?
          He got it by boarding a London Tube train and sitting down at random next to a drummer named Stewart Copeland. People don't usually talk on the Tube, but for some reason those two struck up a conversation that day. It was a conversation in which they told each other what kind of music they wanted to make. Each convinced the other that he was sincere and suitable. They clicked. They formed a band. They met Sting. They went to work.
          Take out that last bit about Sting and you've got a perfect description of what happens at a good job interview: two people talking from the heart about a common interest, each setting out what they have to offer."

And from that opening statement, I was hooked! What a brilliant, brilliant book!

Book: Why You? 101 interview questions you'll never fear again
Author: James Reed
Publisher: Portfolio Penguin
Published: 1st January 2015

Disclaimer: Content in lilac is a direct quotation from the book mentioned. I do not claim ownership for this or any other piece of literature mentioned on this blog, I am simply using them as objects of reference.

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  1. Great post, I'm so gonna give this book a try. Hope you have an amazing day. xo, Teng